A Cloud-based SAAS Platform for Dentists
and Dental Clinics

The legacy system used by Planet DDS has evolved over the years by adding functionality and features. The system was being used by medium to large-sized dental clinics and hospitals across the United States. However, the system had become outdated and inefficient, leading to poor usability and issues in managing patient information and health records. This was affecting the efficiency of the users and slowing them down.



Planet DDS


A Cloud-based SAAS Platform for Dental Clinics

  • Adobe XD
  • VS Code
  • Microsoft Office

Business Problem & Ask

Bussiness Problem

The outdated and inefficient user experience was a major problem for Planet DDS. The users were facing usability and efficiency issues in managing patient information and health records, resulting in a decrease in overall efficiency.

The Ask

Planet DDS approached our team with the following requests:

  • To redesign and modernize the system to enable users to manage patient data easily and efficiently.
  • Address the poor usability and improve the Task Success Rate (TSR) while providing users with an easy-to-use and modern-looking interface that helps them achieve their daily goals
  • Reduce support tickets and reduce user training costs.

Our Approach

Research & Analysis

  • Understanding of users, their goals, motivations, and pain points
  • Understanding of the customer and their business goals
  • Discussion with various stakeholders to determine product strategy, innovation, and priorities
  • Study of the competition landscape

System Study

  • Understanding of the current Information Architecture and identification of navigation issues
  • Expert review to identify obvious usability issues


  • High-level conceptualization of the proposed UX solution in the form of low-fidelity wireframes
  • A detailed execution plan that engages various stakeholders at different stages


  • Establishment of visual design based on brand guidelines/style guide/design system
  • Creation of high-fidelity mockups to capture and validate business requirements
  • Creation of an interaction model/click-through prototype to propose user journeys and user flows
  • Measurement and comparison of task efficiency rate

The Solution

Our team delivered a modern and user-friendly system that addressed all the pain points faced by Planet DDS and their users.

The new system was designed to increase efficiency and improve the usability of the system, resulting in a higher Task Success Rate (TSR). The new system was also designed to reduce support tickets and training costs, increasing customer satisfaction.

Value Delivered

The following are the key benefits that Planet DDS experienced as a result of our redesign efforts:

  • Shortened learning curve by providing a usable, memorable, and learnable user experience
  • Increased usability and efficiency that improved the Task Success Rate, resulting in higher ROI for the end-customers
  • Reduce training and support costs.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – better services and solutions were provided to customers, leading to an increase in revenue
  • Generated more opportunities, resulting in new business and revenue growth.


Our team successfully delivered a modern and user-friendly system that addressed the business problems faced by Planet DDS and their users. The new system not only increased efficiency but also improved the overall user experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth for Planet DDS.

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