Customer Insights and Decision Making in the Retail Industry

A company that specializes in providing end-to-end AI-powered retail solutions was looking to develop a feature for its clients that would allow category managers and executives to analyze sales and customer data for better decision making. The objective was to use customer data to create customer buyer groups (CBGs) and implement personalized marketing plans and promotions. This was a crucial feature that would significantly benefit the company’s clients.



AI Powered Retail Solution Providers


AI Powered Category Management

  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office

Business Problem & Ask

Business Problem

The company needed a user-friendly interface for its clients’ business users to create complex queries and retrieve data, allowing them to eventually create the customer buyer groups. However, the business users often lacked technical expertise, making it crucial to develop a solution that was easy to use and required minimal training.

The Ask

The goal was to create a user-friendly platform that allows business users to create complex queries and generate customer buyer groups using various parameters, without needing technical expertise.

Our Approach

Research & Analysis

  • We conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s clients’ business goals, user personas, their motivations and pain points, and the company’s needs for developing this feature.

System Study

  •  We studied the existing usage patterns within the system and the existing technology stack to create a coherent experience and understand any technological constraints.


  • Based on our research and analysis, we created high-level conceptualizations of the proposed UX solution in the form of low-fidelity wireframes.


  • We established the visual design based on the company’s clients’ brand guidelines and style guide. We created high-fidelity mockups to capture and validate business requirements and an interaction model/click-through prototype to propose user journeys and user flow.

The Solution

Our solution was a drag-and-drop canvas-based platform that was user-friendly and required minimal training.

The platform allowed users to build complex queries for data retrieval and usage with ease. As the personas were mostly business users with limited technical knowledge, we ensured that the platform was intuitive and user-friendly.

Value Delivered

As a result of our solution, the company’s clients were able to quickly deploy this feature and gain valuable revenue.

  • The new feature also improved the customer experience, as the clients’ customers realized the value of the platform.
  • Additionally, the solution had a shorter learning curve for users, resulting in higher employee satisfaction.


This case study demonstrates our ability to understand business problems, conduct thorough research and analysis, and develop effective solutions. Our solution helped the company’s clients quickly deploy a critical feature, leading to valuable revenue, improved customer experience, and higher employee satisfaction.

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