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Creating a visually appealing product while ensuring user satisfaction is the key to our design philosophy.

Our experts specialize in UI and UX design, employing a user-centered approach for visually pleasing and user-friendly products. This combination ensures our deliverables meet both customer satisfaction and business goals, maximizing return on investment.


Vrunik’s User Experience Design Services

Our user experience services help our customers create products that meet the needs of their users and drive business success. We offer a range of services to help our customers achieve this goal.

UX Design services
UX Strategy & Research
Understanding and Meeting User Needs

We understand and meet user needs through research, gathering insights on users’ goals and pain points. This guides our ideation process, where experienced designers generate a wide range of ideas for new features.

Conceptualization & UX Design
Creating Products that Meet User Needs

Assisting customers in crafting user-centric products, our process starts with user research to understand target audience needs and pain points. Leveraging this information, we generate, test, and evaluate ideas, culminating in detailed specifications and wireframes for the final design.

Visual Design & Prototyping
Making Products Aesthetically Pleasing and Easy to Use

Crafting aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly products, collaboration with customers involves developing detailed specifications and wireframes for novel features. Integrating user testing at crucial junctures ensures the design consistently meets user needs.

Front-end & Integration
Ensuring Consistency and Cohesiveness Across All Touchpoints

Vrunik ensures consistency and cohesiveness across touchpoints by closely collaborating with customers. Implementing the design system across various platforms, we conduct user testing to ensure it meets user needs.

Four Areas Where Vrunik Can Help You

Specializing in user experience design, we offer services to create products that are user-friendly, meet users’ needs, and look great.

New Product Conceptualization

New Product Conceptualization

At Vrunik, emphasizing user-centered design for new products, our experienced UX designers assist organizations in conceptualizing and developing innovative solutions. This approach leads to enhanced user satisfaction, adoption, and retention, driving business success.

In our user-centered design approach, we commence with extensive research, closely collaborating with your team to understand your vision. Through interviews, surveys, and focus groups, we delve into your users’ needs, goals, and pain points.

With a clear user understanding, we initiate the ideation process, employing techniques like brainstorming and prototyping. Ideas are rigorously evaluated and tested to identify the most promising ones.
Moving to the design and development phase, we collaborate with your team to craft detailed specifications and wireframes. User testing is seamlessly integrated at key points to ensure continual alignment with user needs.

At Vrunik, prioritizing users is essential for successful products. Our user-centered design process helps create innovative products, meeting user needs and ensuring business success.

Continuous Innovations &
Feature Development

Continuous Innovations & 
 Feature Development

At Vrunik, understanding the vital role of continuous innovation, we specialize in helping organizations develop and launch user-driven features. Collaborating with us enables businesses to stay competitive and ensure ongoing success through constant product improvement.

Our process for continuous innovation and feature development starts with a thorough analysis of your current product. Collaborating closely with your team, we identify areas for adding new features to enhance user experience and spur business growth.

After identifying potential areas for new features, we conduct user research to gather insights into your users’ needs and pain points. This data guides the ideation process, where our experienced designers generate a variety of feature ideas.

Transitioning into the design and development phase, we collaborate closely with your team to craft detailed specifications and wireframes for the new feature. Integrating user testing at key points ensures continual alignment with your users’ needs.

At Vrunik, recognizing the imperative of continuous innovation for competitiveness in today’s fast-paced business landscape, partnering with us for developing and launching new features allows you to stay ahead and drive business success.

Legacy System Modernization & Transformation

Legacy System Modernization & Transformation

Vrunik specializes in aiding companies to modernize and upgrade their legacy systems, adapting to evolving customer demands. Partnering with us empowers clients to enhance user experience, elevate customer satisfaction and retention, and drive business growth.

Our modernization and transformation process starts with a thorough evaluation of your current product. We work closely with your team to pinpoint areas that require improvement and can lead to increased user experience and business growth.

Next, we carry out user research to gain a deeper understanding of the needs, goals, and pain points of your users. This information is used to guide the ideation stage, where our team of seasoned designers generates a variety of ideas for modernizing and transforming your product.

As we progress through the design and development stage, we collaborate with your team to develop comprehensive specifications and wireframes for the upgraded product. User testing is conducted at key points throughout the process to ensure that the design is meeting the needs of your users.

At Vrunik, we are aware of the importance of keeping pace with the latest technology and design trends to remain ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced business world. By working with us to modernize and transform your legacy system, you can stay at the forefront and achieve business success.

Design Systems & Unified User Experiences

Design Systems & Unified User Experiences

At Vrunik, we emphasize the importance of a consistent user experience across all touchpoints. Specializing in crafting unified user experiences and design systems, collaborating with us enables customers to enhance user experience, boost satisfaction, adoption, retention, and drive business success.

Our process for creating unified user experiences and design systems begins with an in-depth analysis of your existing products and touchpoints. We work closely with your team to understand the user journey across all channels and identify areas where a more consistent and cohesive user experience could be provided.

After identifying potential areas for improvement, we conduct user research to gather insights on users’ specific needs, goals, and pain points. Using this information, our experienced design team creates a unified design system applicable across all touchpoints.

Transitioning to the development phase, we closely collaborate with your team to implement the design system across touchpoints like websites, apps, and digital products. Regular user testing is conducted to ensure the design aligns with your users’ needs.

At Vrunik, we understand the importance of providing a consistent and cohesive user experience across all touchpoints of an organization. By working with us to create unified user experiences and design systems, you can improve the user experience, increase brand recognition and drive business success.

Engagement Made Simple. All According To Your Needs

Vrunik’s pricing models are flexible and tailored to your design requirements. We make it easy for clients to keep to their specified budget.



Vrunik’s popular retainer model provides you with a carefully selected team of UI designers, visual designers, and UX designers that are perfect for the task at hand.

Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost

Fixed cost pricing is most apt for projects with a closely defined scope of work. It provides certainty and peace of mind that your costs are under control.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Project-based hiring enables you to access a highly qualified talent pool without making permanent hires. This is a convenient way to save money.

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