User Experience Design


Product Strategy

UX design begins with creating a product strategy that outlines what the product is, who the user is, and what the user’s experience will be when they interact with the product.


User Research

User research revolves around asking questions. Who is the user? What do they want from the product? How will they interact with the product (when, where, length of time, etc.)? The answers to these questions will influence the UX design and the overall design of the product itself.


Stakeholder Interviews

While users are vital to the UX design process, the stakeholders also have valuable inputs. Interviewing the stakeholders provides insight into their goals for the product and their reasons for creating it. We conduct Onsite or offsite workshops with key stakeholders across the organization to determine stakeholder needs and objectives, gather information and test preliminary ideas.


Personas & Persona Mapping

From the user research and stakeholder interviews, our team will create personas for multiple types of users. These personas shed light on what the customers truly need and how likely they are to respond positively to the product.



A wireframe is the outline of UX design. It provides a guide to the final creation of the product, including how the product will be used and what the user should experience from such use. We create workflows, wireframes, process flows and data maps to help connect the dots between a user’s input and expected output.


Visual Design

This phase of UX design involves creating a visual guide to the product, including the user interface. This visual design uses the wireframe as a skeleton and builds upon that outline.


Interaction Models

Finally, the interaction model is a fully interactive version of the product. It may be a physical prototype, or it may be a digital representation that can be manipulated. Either way, an interaction model can be used to gauge a user’s experience with the product, providing feedback that can be used to adjust the product as needed.

User Experience Process

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