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The “Flashback” offers a unique digital platform, uniting privacy, security, and seamless organization for treasured personal memories. Users can securely record, store, and share their valued life moments, fostering meaningful connections while retaining control over shared content. It’s a dedicated space to pass on cherished experiences, enhancing bonds with friends and loved ones.

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Digital Privacy And Security

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Business Problem


Business Problem

  • Our first step was to gain an understanding of the business and its goals, the users and their goals, motivations, and pain points, and the customer and their requirements for developing this feature.
  • Users find it challenging to categorize and structure their memories, resulting in a disorganized and inefficient way of managing their valuable life experiences.
  • Users struggle with scattered digital memories across various platforms, leading to difficulty in accessing and sharing their cherished experiences.
  • Users often forget significant dates and fail to celebrate important milestones with friends and family, leading to missed opportunities for meaningful connections and shared experiences.

The Ask

  • The objective of the project was to provide secure intuitive private and easy to share your memories in form of images and videos only to your near and dear ones.
  • To enable uploading your memories and day-to-day journal in an organized and chronological manner.

Our Approach

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Research & Analysis

  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of current privacy and security concerns in digital platforms, identifying gaps and potential vulnerabilities to ensure the flashback offers robust protection for user data.
  • Carried out user surveys and behavioral studies to understand how individuals store and share cherished memories, uncovering pain points and preferences to tailor the web app features for an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Researched and evaluated existing platforms offering memory storage and sharing, identifying unique selling points and areas for improvement to position flashback as a distinctive and comprehensive solution.
  • Explored psychological principles related to memory preservation and sharing, integrating findings to design features that facilitate emotional connection, such as reminders and personalized journaling, to enhance the app’s value in fostering meaningful relationships.

System Study

  • Flashback seamlessly integrates secure recording, organized data categorization, and controlled content sharing for meaningful connections.
  • User-friendly design ensures easy data organization, reminders, personalized journaling, and wish compilation, fostering engagement with cherished memories.


  • Simplifies data categorization, enabling seamless access, event journaling, reminders, and wish-list compilation, enhancing meaningful connections and celebration.
  • It offers secure, organized storage for personal memories, fostering connections through private sharing, emphasizing control over access.


  • Users effortlessly categorize and access memories, fostering meaningful connections through personalized experiences.
  • It offers secure recording and sharing of cherished moments, allowing users to control access.
  • Reminders, journals, and wish lists enhance connections, making gifting and event planning thoughtful and enjoyable.

The Solution

Vrunik’s UX team used the insights gathered from the research and analysis to design a workspace console that helped users easily create and manage complex sweep structures.

The team was able to design a monitoring dashboard that helped users rapidly perceive data and insights, giving them a 360-degree view of their universe and enabling them to make prompt business decisions.

Value Delivered

Value Delivered

As a result of this redesign, the customer was able to

  • The user experienced a streamlined and intuitive user interface, enhancing their overall navigational experience.
  • This improved product’s performance led to a significant boost in user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Enhanced visual aesthetics from the redesign contributed to a stronger brand perception and increased users trust.

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